Old Chevy by Fine Art Wedding Photographer Red Photo

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Old Chevy by San Antonio Wedding Photographer Red Photo

Friday is upon us again and that means another Fine Art Photograph from my large collection.  I am a San Antonio wedding photographer with a documentary, fine art wedding photography style.  When clients allow it I can produce much more fine art than photojournalistic wedding photography images.  My style is a mix of my love of documentary photography and fine art photography with the importance of wedding photography and the recording of those special moments.  My job is to preserve the moments from a client’s wedding day so that they will have them to share in the future.

Today’s fine art image comes from an extended documentary photography project that I have been working on in Mississippi, around the Clarksdale area.  The project deals with my fascination and appreciation of the people, culture, religion, and blues music of the Mississippi Delta region.  This region is rich in so many things.  I was first attracted to it through my love of Blues music, and this is the area of the country that is often credited as the birthplace of American Blues Music.  This art form emerged in this area around 1890 as a distinct African-American art form that combined music and styles from Africa American folk music.  The style was formed from a rich mix of African-American spirituals, contemporary dance music, traditional songs, hymns from Europe, work songs, col ballads  and feed calls and hollers.  Musicians like Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, and W.C. Handy were pioneers of the new art form.

My interest in blues music was what first drew me to the project.  When I began the documentary photography project I was teaching at Texas Tech University in the College of Mass Communications (now the College of Media and Communication).  The Mississippi blues project was a great way for me to combine my love of photography, the blues, and academic research into one.  I spend three sessions in the Clarksdale area, staying for one month each time.  I have have a number of wonderful experiences during this project from interview locals to playing blues music on various stages to photographing local legends and rituals.  I will be showing more images from this project in future posts.  The image of the old Chevrolet comes from a great place where I was staying near Clarksdale called the Shack Up Inn.  They have several authentic shacks that you can stay in on the grounds that they have relocated from around the state.  I am thankful to many people in that area who have helped me on my documentary project.

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