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Photojournalism Wedding Photographer San Antonio

Fine Art Wedding Photographer San Antonio

Red Photo is a Fine Art Wedding Photographer in San Antonio that can service all of your wedding photography and portrait photography needs.  We create bridal portraits and engagement portraits as well as wedding reception photography.  We are fine art wedding photographers with a contemporary, magazine photography look to our work.   We combine our love of wedding photography with fine art photography and documentary photography to produce a fine art documentary wedding style.

Our fine art photography style, and documentary photography style blend well to produce unique images for our clients in San Antonio, and all around Texas. We do not like to excessively pose our subjects but rather we prefer to capture people in their most natural and honest state. We have worked with hundreds of portrait clients and  make the photography process easy and fun.  Our fine art wedding photographer style is applied in all of our portrait photography work too.  We like to create portraits that are very natural looking and that seem unposed.  We provide basic posing guidance to our clients, but then we like to let people relax and be themselves once again.  That is why many times we will create photojournalistic style portraits where the subject is not posed at all.  They may even be engaged in another activity at the time.

To produce this kind of photography takes skill and experience.  At Red Photo we have both the skill and experience to produce the best wedding photographs, engagement photographs, bridal portraits, and any other type of portrait you may request.  We are one of the premiere San Antonio Portrait Photographers and Wedding Photographer.  Please see our portfolio of photographs in the portrait photography gallery.

Contact Red Photo today at 806.283.3267 to schedule your portrait session.

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