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San Antonio Fine Art Photographer

I have a been a fine art photographer for the past 15 years.  In that time I have won several awards and had my fine art photographs in over 100 group and individual shows across the world.  I have incorporated my love for fine art photography into my fine art documentary wedding photography style.

Artist’s Statement

During my 15 years producing fine art photography there have been several areas that have interested me. My work is primarily based on a fine art documentary style where my approach is mostly to photograph situations in available light with no interference.

One of my overshadowing themes is to study Beauty in form and design and how it relates to the world around us. I am very interested in the aesthetics of form, shape, design and composition. My work has a large design component to it and relates heavily to Formalism.

Another area that I am very interested in is recording things, places, and customs that are disappearing. I feel that photography has an important role as documentarian and should record the way that things appear now for historical and artistic record. To this end I have conducted extended projects in Chiapas, Mexico, Paris, France, and the Delta Region of Mississippi. These projects have focused on the people and their cultures along with structures that are disappearing.

I am very interested in Pictorialism and Impressionism. These styles have had a large visual influence on my work. I have added these styles to give many of my projects a nostalgic look and connection to the work of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I have utilized historical processes, like platinum printing, in various projects. A good example of this would be my amusement park project that has been going on for 12 years.

An overall thesis that pervades my work is my interest in the subjective reaction of a viewer to artwork. I am interested in how different people perceive works and what they are attracted to in art. Many times my work is conceived to be open ended so that it may be viewed by many types of people. I then want to know how these viewers react to the work and interpret it. So on one level someone can just look at the formal elements of the work, the light, composition, or design, while others can see connections to other artists and historical influences. Other people may pick up on the psychology woven into the work or the particular installation. Therefore, much of my work is not message driven, but more aesthetic and formally driven.

Many of my exhibitions are in the form of installations and multi-media experiences. I like to utilize various media in a convergent way to express my artistic ideas.

Gary Miller


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