Fine Art Photography Friday – Rodeo by San Antonio Wedding Photographers Red Photo

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Fine Art Photography by San Antonio Wedding Photographer Red Photo

Well here it is again, another Fine Art Photography Friday.  The weeks just seem to by flying by.  I can’t believe that it is September already.  For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome.  I should tell you a little bit about me.   I am a San Antonio wedding photographer who specializes in documentary and photojournalism style fine art wedding photography. You can read more about my fine art wedding photography style here.  I prefer a very hands off approach when I am photographing weddings, bridal portraits, and engagement portraits.  Once  a week I have promised to post some of my fine art photography work.

The image for today comes from a series that I made on the Texas Tech University Rodeo team.  I had photographed some rodeos in the past.  One that I really enjoyed was a small ranch rodeo in central California.  I will show and talk about those images in another post.  That was really my first experience photographing a rodeo as an event.  It was great because I contacted the organization that was holding the event and was granted full access for the weekend.  But rather then just photograph the rodeo as a regular event I decided that I wanted to show it in more of a fine art way.  I wanted to convey how the event felt so I incorporated a great deal of motion and blur into my images.  This is part of my nostalgic, romantic style of photography.  This style runs through all of my work including my fine art, documentary, and wedding photography.  It has many elements of Pictorialism.

For the image above I contacted the head of the Rodeo Team at Texas Tech and was given access to go and photograph a practice session.  Sometimes the practice sessions are better to photograph than the real events because you can get closer to the action and pretty much go anywhere, as long as it is safe.  For this image the team was practicing roping calves.  I was able to actually stand inside the pen where the action was taking place, as long as I stayed out of the way.  That was not too hard for me to do because when a couple of large horses are running around at a quick pace you are inclined to stay away from them.  There was loads of dirt and dust which made it challenging for my camera, but the debris in the air can make for some great smoke effects when the sun shines through it.  I have several more images from this series that I will post at a later date. Have a great Friday y’all.


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