Fine Art Photography Friday – Paris Bench by San Antonio Wedding Photographer Red Photo

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Fine Art Photography by San Antonio Wedding Photographers Red Photo

Once again Fine Art Photography Friday is upon us.  And this week it is Halloween.  I wish that I had a Halloween inspired fine art photograph to post but I do not have one.  Being a San Antonio wedding photographer using a Fine Art Documentary photography style, gives me an opportunity to utilize my love of fine art photography when I am working and photographing weddings, engagement portrait sessions, bridal portraits sessions, or any other type of photography.

Today’s image is another from my series of photographs from Paris.  This image was part of a series that I did when I was staying there for a month.  You can read more about my Paris trip and see more images in my posts, “Fine Art Photography Friday – Paris” and “Fine Art Photography Friday – Morocco.”  I wanted to create a fine art photography project based around Paris because I see it as the center of the Photography universe.  Many of the photographers who have inspired me over the years have lived and worked in Paris.  These include Sebastiao Salgado, an amazing documentary photographer, Andre Kertesz, a reportage photographer, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, a documentary fine art photographer.  If you are not familiar with the works of these great Photography Masters I highly recommend that you search for their images.  One of the components that I am drawn to in all of there work is the use of shape, design, and light.  I am very interested in Beauty as it is expressed through design, shape, and form, and these have long been major components of my work.   I have long been interested in storytelling through images so that is why many of my photography heroes are documentary-based photographers who infuse a fine art mentality into their work.

The image of the man on the bench was taken at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. One of the things that I like to do is to challenge myself by going to areas that have been photographed excessively and then finding some new way of seeing the environment.  I have consistently done this all over the world.  This image also shows how a camera can be used to distort reality and to further convey the artist’s feelings and ideas.  The image was taken using a Tilt-Shift lens (Canon 24mm f/3.5L TSE) to create the blurry effect and the small area of focus.  The vignetting, dark area around the outside, was done in the camera by modifying a lens filter.  I could have created this effect in post production but I wanted to mimic the look of a cheap toy camera, like the Diana or Holga.  Since I started in photography by learning with film I am more comfortable getting the final image in the camera and not doing a great deal of post production.  I like the idea that I have to commit to the look and feel of an image when I am capturing it.  So mentally I do not want to rely on fixing or changing an image in post production.  I think that post production should be used as a finishing tool, not to rescue a poor image.

I will be posting more images from my Paris series in the future.

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