Fine Art Photography Friday – Mexico by San Antonio Wedding Photographers Red Photo

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Chiapas, Mexico by San Antonio Fine Art Wedding Photographer Red Photo

It is Friday again and that mean Fine Art Photography Friday, another chance to show off some of my photographs besides my wedding photography images.  For those of your who do not know me I am a San Antonio wedding photographer who specializes in fine art wedding photography, bridal portraits, and engagement portrait sessions. When I am not busy photographing weddings, which is not often, I like to pursue my other passion which is fine art photography.  I have been a fine art photographer for over 15 years and I have had my work in over 100 group and individual shows.  So I decided that every Friday I would post one of my art images and tell you about it.  You can see some of my other fine art images on Marrakech,Morocco, the Iowa State Fair, Mississippi, China, a Rodeo in California, Paris Disneyland, and the Sahara Desert.

The image above is from a documentary project that I did in Chiapas, Mexico.  I had gone down to San Cristoboal De Las Casas to take a documentary photography workshop with Craig “Cisco” Dietz at Aper Tours.  We had a great week together.  Prior to the one-on-one workshop I contacted him to find out if he could arrange a live-in documentary photography opportunity for me with a family who lived a very simple lifestyle.  That is how I ended up staying with the family in the picture above at their house in the middle of the Chiapas jungle.  Although it is challenging to find, I really like to stay with my subjects and create an extended documentary.  There is a special bond that you develop with your subjects when you can actually live with them.

They had no electricity or running water.  The image above shows the mother of the family making fresh tortillas on the lid of a 55 gallon drum over an open fire that she built on the kitchen floor.  While I was there she made tortillas, fresh, three times a day for meals.  They were great, but after about 3 days I was really getting tired of those tortillas.  During my week and a half stay with th family I documented their beautiful lifestyle.  They showed me how they sheared their sheep by hand, then dyed and spun the wool into threads.  These threads were then used by the women on hand looms to create distinctive skirts.  Each sect in the area has a particular pattern for their skirts.  Some are plain and others are very fancy.  Their weaving skills are amazing.  The entire experience was amazing for me.  I even had the opportunity to go into a Temazcal, an authentic sweat lodge

The image about is titled “Xun’s Family.”  It has won more awards than any other image of mine.  I recently won “Best of Show” in the “Freedom of Art” exhibition at the High Wire Arts Gallery in San Antonio, TX.  I was a bit surprised because it was an open art exhibition.  This is where all types of art are displayed.  Usually, photography does not win over more traditional media like painting and drawing.  Maybe the fact that the piece is a silver gelatin print made in an old school chemical darkroom had something to do with it.

Enjoy the image because another Fine Art Photography Friday is just a week away.  I am off to photograph a wedding in Houston tomorrow and a portrait session on Sunday.
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