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Old Latch by Fine Art Wedding Photographer San Antonio

Once again it is Fine Art Photography Friday.  But this is no ordinary Friday, it is Black Friday.  So while everyone is out scrambling around for the best bargains I have been hard at work searching through my files to fine a fine art photography to write about. November can be a busy time of the year for a wedding photographer.  Being a Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in San Antonio I can get pretty busy right before the holidays arrive.  I was photographing a wedding in Galveston, TX last weekend.  Every time that I am out photographing at a wedding people always ask my about my work and inadvertently the conversation comes around to someone asking my what is fine art wedding photography.  For me it the mixing of my documentary photography style with my fine art photography in a wedding setting.  I am happiest when I can photograph more in this style.

Today’s image is a good example of how simple a fine art photograph can be.  This is a detail photograph of a latch on an old box.  Just a regular photograph of this object would be interesting, but I wanted to add another dimension to it.  Part of my photography is that I am very interested in vintage things.  I like my images to have an aged, nostalgic look.  You can see that in the images from Paris, which you can see here, and those from my long term amusement park project, which you can see here. I just do not take an image with a fine art eye but I like to add fine art treatments to the images to complete them.  I think that this gives them more atmosphere and emotion.  I like my images to contain a narrative so that a viewer can read into them. I also like my photographs to have a great deal of texture to them.  Since photography is a visual medium I am always trying to add to the sensory experience of the viewer.  I want people to be able to feel the texture of an image and to connect with the story that they see in it.

Enjoy the shopping and the nostalgia until next week’s post.

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