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Sunrise in the Sahara Desert

Besides being one of the premier San Antonio wedding photographers, I also have been creating fine art photography over the past 15 years. I have mixed my love of documentary photography and wedding photography together with my fine art photography to produce my fine art wedding photography style. This fine art style gives me a look that is different from the other wedding photographers in San Antonio. Although my blog posts are mostly about wedding related items, like bridal portrait sessions, engagement portrait sessions, and other areas of wedding photography, I like to display my other work occasionally. With this post I will begin my “Fine Art Friday” series where I will post one of my fine art photography images and tell you the story behind it.

Today’s fine art documentary photography image is from the Sahara Desert in Morocco. I was traveling in Morocco a few years. I was spending about a week in the Old City of Marrakech. It was one of the most amazing places that I have ever visited. I have traveled all over the world, but when people ask me what was the most interesting place that I have ever been, Morocco, is usually what I say. Marrakech has both a new and old section to the city. The old section, where I stayed, is surrounded by an ancient wall. When you enter these walls it is like going back in time. The streets are a maze work and everyone warned me that I would get lost. What they did not know if that I wanted to get lost in those streets and explore everything that I could find. That is when the documentary photographer in me takes over. While I was in Marrakech I decided that I would rent a car and drive the four hours out into the desert. I was in Morocco during July and it was hot, really hot, like 110 degrees or more. What makes it more difficult is that you are not supposed to wear shorts or even short sleeved shirts as it can be seen as disrespectful. My drive out to the Sahara was a beautiful and unique experience, but it was hot. Even with the air conditioner cranked all the way up in my cheap rental car, it was still hot.

The reward came when I woke up early the next morning in a hotel right at the foot of these giant sand dunes. I was the only one walking around outside the hotel on the patio before the sun even came up. But being there when the light is right is what helps to make great images. I can hear the music from “Lawrence of Arabia” in the background now.

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