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Paris carousel, Fine Art wedding photographer San Antonio

Being a San Antonio wedding photographer and a Fine Art wedding photographer really allows me to fulfill my photography dreams.  I love to photograph weddings.  I love documentary photography.  I have been a fine art photographer for 15 years now with work in over 100 group and solo gallery shows.  When I photograph my San Antonio weddings, or weddings in other places. I utilized these styles and combine them into what I call Fine Art wedding photography or Fine Art Documentary wedding photography.  It is all just a bunch of terms to me.  I photograph in many style including Editorial photography, Fashion photography, Photojournalism wedding photography.  It just depends on my clients, my mood,  and the venue for the wedding.

Today’s image is from a long term documentary photography project that I created on amusement parks all over the world.  I worked on this project for ten years.  I am not even sure that I am done working on it.  In that time I visited many amusement parks all over the world.  I was in Paris for a month of vacation and photography time.  I set myself the goal of photographing a different district in the city every day.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Paris, it is broken up into 20 Arrondissements, or districts.  Each Arrondissement has a name and usually a famous feature.  These districts begin at the Louvre and spiral their way to the city outskirts.  There are great sites in all of the districts.  Come one, it’s Paris.

While I was photographing around Paris I was always aware of my ongoing amusement park project.  There are various small merry-go-rounds set up around the city that open periodically.  I love the charm of these old machines.  The one in the image above is right near the Eiffel Tower.  The look of this image was accomplished in camera by using a Tilt-Shift lens.  This is a specialized lens that is broken into two halves with gears in between the pieces.  This allows the front elements of the lens to be raised or lowered, tilted up or down, or moved size to side.  This can give both artistic effects and perspective correction.

This trip to Paris was also the same trip that I went to Morocco.  You can read my previous post on my Sahara Desert image here.  It was featured in last week’s Fine Art Friday.

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