Fine Art Friday -Amusement Park by San Antonio Wedding Photographer Red Photo

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Fine Art Amusement Park by San Antonio Wedding Photographer Red Photo

Once again it is Friday and that means Fine Art Photography Friday.  Even though I am know as a wedding photographer in San Antonio, TX, I have been a fine art photographer for the past 15 years. When people ask me about my wedding photography I always tell them that I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer.  Many times they will then ask me what I mean by that.  My style of wedding photography is based on both documentary photography and fine art photography.  I have always had a love for both of these genres of photography since I began photographing when I was a kid.  But these two areas have always been separated.  Photographers who took documentary photographs mostly take straight, unadulterated images which are not posed or set up.  They use mostly natural light.  The challenge is to work with these constraints to produce great images.  Documentary photographers are in the photojournalism area.  For me the difference between documentary photography and photojournalism is the time spent on the project.  Photojournalism is normal for events, things that are happening right now.  These are the types of images that you will see in the newspaper or online.  Documentary photography is longer based projects.  A good example would be if a newspaper is running a story today on unemployed people.  I would take an image of someone in the unemployment line.  If I were to follow that person around for months to show what it is like to be unemployed, that would be a documentary project.

Fine art can be totally opposite to documentary work.  It can be set up in every way and even digitally post processed.  Fine art is often about aesthetics and intention.  The artist is trying to convey a message or wants to show the beauty of something.  I am more of an aesthetically based fine art photographer.  I am interested in the beauty of forms and shapes.  So I combined this fine art aesthetic with a documentary approach.  And that is how I arrived at being a fine art wedding photographer.

The image above is another from my 10 year long amusement park series.  You can read more about this series in my post here.
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