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Fine Art Photography Friday – Impressionism by San Antonio Wedding Photographers Red Photo

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San Francisco beach by Fine Art Wedding Photographer Red Photo

Once again Fine Art Photography Friday is upon us.  And this week it is Halloween.  I wish that I had a Halloween inspired fine art photograph to post but I do not have one.  I really need to focus myself to make a fine art image based around Halloween with it being such a colorful and fun holiday.  Being a San Antonio wedding photographer using a Fine Art Documentary photography style, gives me an opportunity to utilize my love of fine art photography when I am working and photographing weddings, engagement portrait sessions, bridal portrait sessions, or any other type of photography.

This week’s photography is from the lovely, but cold beaches of San Francisco.  I lived in San Francisco for five years and attended graduate school at The Academy of Art University.  It was a great experience.  San Francisco is a great town for artists and has a deep photographic history, including the likes the Ansel Adams.  My beach image is in a style known as Impressionism.  This style of art is my favorite one and includes such great artists as Monet, Degas, and Cezanne.  This image was done in camera as I am not a big fan of manipulating images in post production.  I used a homemade filter with a vignette on it to achieve the nostalgic quality of the image.  I have long been fascinated by the Pictorialism movement in photography that ran from about 1890 to 1920 and included soft focus images printed with many techniques including platinum printing.  Many of my Fine Art Photography Friday posts contain images in the Pictorialistic style.  You can see this in my posts about Paris, Morocco,  and amusement parks.

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