I am a fine art and commercial photographer based in San Antonio, TX.

My fine art photographs have appeared all over the world in over 150 group and solo shows. The main themes of my work are the recording of people and cultures and things that are disappearing. My fine art documentary style contains elements of Impressionism, Minimalism and Pictorialism. One of my overshadowing themes is to study Beauty in form and design and how it relates to the world around us.  I am very interested in the aesthetics of form, shape,  design and composition.  My work has a large design component to it and relates heavily to Formalism

An overall thesis that pervades my work is my interest in the subjective reaction of a viewer to artwork.  I am interested in how different people perceive works and what they are attracted to in art. 

In my commercial photography careers I have worked in the areas of Corporate/Industrial photography, Location photography, Advertising, Fashion, Product, and Documentary photography.

I have been a photography professor for the past twenty years and have taught all levels of film-based and digital photography.