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I am passionate about photography.  Many photographers say that, but I cannot live without it.  I am constantly driven to produce better images.  I want to create images today that are better than my images yesterday.  I want to create wedding photographs that I have not taken before.  I constantly strive to be better.

Nostalgia, Beauty, and Romanticism have a grasp on me.  I strive to preserve history.  Your history.  My history.  Our memories make us who we are.  They have a right to be preserved forever in images.  I love Impressionism.

I document life moments.  I photograph weddings.  I capture emotions.  I make fine art.  Posing is overrated.  Documentary is my style.  Life was meant to be lived in real time.  A wedding is such a special event that it deserves to be captured in beautiful photographs.  This takes an experienced, professional wedding photographer.

I love sushi.  I think that I could eat it everyday.  I once ate sushi for dinner for four months straight.  Those were a good four months.  I love chocolate.  Dark chocolate please.  It is the only real type for me.

I have an insatiable curiosity.  I have traveled all over the world.  People fascinate me.  Weddings intrigue me.  I always take the road less traveled.

I believe in wedding albums.  I think that we all need something more permanent to remember a wedding day.  Digital images are great, but wedding albums stand the test of time.  I still have my grandparent’s wedding album.  I cherish it.  I love creating custom wedding albums with leather covers and flush mounted photographs.   It is a laborious process but I do if for the art and for the history.

Your wedding is special to me.  Photography is special to me.  When you combine the two you get magic.

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