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Wedding Portrait by San Antonio Wedding Photographers Red Photo

As a busy wedding photographer in San Antonio I often encourage my clients to hire a wedding planner.  Many people look at this as an additional expense.  When wedding are already an expensive endeavor many wedding clients are looking to save money and one of the ways that they see to do this is to not use a wedding planner.  But as I tell clients all of the time, the money that you spend on a wedding planner will be money well spent.  Here are my 5 reasons why every wedding client should hire a professional wedding planner.

1.  Wedding planners will save you frustration and anxiety

You already have enough to worry about on your wedding day and leading up to it.  There are guests to attend to and dress fittings and other appointments.  The day of the wedding things are going to be a blur.  I have photographed many brides as they prepare for their wedding and I am always surprised by how they say that the day just whizzed by and they don’t remember much about it.  That is where great wedding photography comes in.  I like to tell my client that my job is to record all of the wedding day in my very non-invasive fine art photojournalistic way.  Hire someone else to run the wedding day for you.

2.  Wedding planners can save you money

It can be a daunting task to pick out all of the vendors that will make your special day, well special.  Wedding planners work regularly with all of the vendors in the wedding business and numerous venues.  They know who is good and trustworthy.  These are two qualities that you want in all of your wedding day vendors.  So the planner can save you the time of running around and contacting all of these vendors by recommending reliable people.  And this includes great wedding photographers.  I have great relations with many wedding vendors whose trust I have earned and together we work to provide everything that a bride could need.

3.  They are experienced

Is this your first wedding?  For many brides it is and therefore you are not going to know when everything is going to happen and where you should be at what time.  A good wedding planner will tell you when and how to cut the cake, or toss the bouquet, or any of the other mandatory wedding rituals.  So often when a wedding client has not hired a planner they come and ask me.  I am the wedding photographer, not the planner.  I am willing to help out where I can but I am pretty busy during a wedding taking great photographs.

4.  You have enough to do already

Face it, you are going to have a really full plate up to and including the wedding day.  Do you really want to plan the party, throw the party, and coordinate the party?  You really want to enjoy your wedding day so let someone else drive and take some of that multi-tasking off of your hands.

5.  They will keep you on budget

Wedding planners will set a budget for you and then keep it.  Money can be a very daunting aspect of a wedding, unless you are an accountant.  You have to keep track of all of the bills and who has to be paid by what date.  A wedding planner is a financial advisor and an account for your wedding.  They know the costs of many goods and can really help you to set a budget that will fulfill you wedding dreams.

Now just make the right decision and go ahead and hire a wedding planner.  Everyone at the wedding will appreciate and you will have more quality time to spend with you guests on your special day.

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